Monday, July 23, 2012

Taking a dinosaur on vacation

Packing last minute items and trying to load the car with a 3yr old dinosaur is NOT fun, at all. He spilled gold fish all over the rug three times and kept trying to leave the house in the rain. Then laid down in the middle of the floor, exhausted from his destruction.

Then I had to explain to him and answer thirty "whys?" as to why we can not bring ALL his toys on vacation.

When we finally left the house, we had a late breakfast at our local diner. Dinosaur loves to play with his cars, and drawing a road always keeps him busy.

After a few minutes on the road he thankfully fell asleep, but it only lasted an hour.

He DID NOT NAP the rest of the day. Instead he ran around the mall in PA screaming like a maniac and trying to run away form us. Are vacations fun for parents? Maybe I'll feel different when we go to Sesame Place tomorrow.

This photo was taken only minutes after he got to the mall, exactly five minutes later his rampage of terror began. The rampage which left both my husband and I in a state of exhaustion, one that I don't think we will ever recover from.

Now we sit in the hotel bed, playing with the horse and barn set daddy bought him at Cracker Barrel. You would have thought hubby bought him a real horse, he was beyond excited.This came in handy as we had to move hotel rooms since the fridge was NOT working. They moved us to another room with a working fridge, but an old AC and dirty bathroom. I WILL be leaving poor reviews when we leave and on the website. Yes, I will blog about their poor service, after I leave.

Here's to hoping that tomorrow will be a fun day with son at Sesame Place. I can't wait to see his reaction to the character lunch and water parks. Every moment he is thrilled makes me excited, seeing it all through his eyes is a wonderful trip.

How do you all survive vacation with the kids? 


  1. God he is just soooo cute. I want to pinch and kiss those cheeks.
    I remember the days going on vaca with my girls when they were little and it was always exhausting and challenging. Only tip I can give you is when the WHY's start turn the question back on them. So when he asked why he couldn't take all his toys, ask him why does he think that they can't be? Would he be able to carry them all? Etc. Most times if you ask the questions it gets them talking and thinking on their own. Its not fool proof with a stubborn kid but does work most of the time. LOL

    1. It's funny I normally do ask him questions back, but I was so tired and frustrated. When I'm in that mood I'm not the best mommy.

      He had lots of fun today, so it made it all worth it.

  2. LOL. Oh I remember those days only all to well. Vaca with kids are exhausting. Your more excited with the hope they will love where you spent all you time, effort and money on for their fun.

    More times than not, there will be a tantrum or a fit over something. You'll be frustrated and exhausted beyond belief. But you will look back at it fondly, especially when looking at the photos. I still smile when I look back knowing I wanted to murder him at any given moment because of something ridiculous he was carrying on over.

    Tip - you have to find that one thing that makes a vaca for him. My son, it was the pool. No matter where we went, the hotel had to have a pool. That was vaca in his book!

    Good luck and I hope you all have a blast!

    1. yeah good point, I think the pool is important to son, but the hotel doesn't have one :( We had to do a package deal and couldn't afford one with a pool, but after all the water rides at Sesame, he loved it.

      Yeah, I plan on using all these tempertantrums as pay guilt, LOL

  3. Even though our vacation went fairly well, it was still waaaayyy more work for me than I would have imagined in the pre-baby days. After we got back, I needed a vacation from the family vacation! Good luck. Have fun tomorrow!

    1. Yeah, more work but the fun moments make it all worth it.

      We had a blast, he LOVED Sesame.

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