Do you always cook with Iron Cast Skillets?
I try to use them most of the time. They cook food quickly, evenly and thoroughly and are easy to clean. My hubby got me hooked on the skillets. He uses them for camping and now I can't live without them.

Why don't you cook with Dairy?
I have IBS and can't have dairy. My son has respiratory allergies to dairy. In fact, doctors wanted to put him on medication because they were convinced he had allergies and asthma. A chiropractor suggested taking him off dairy and five days later, I had a new kid. So always trust your gut as a mom. 

I'm learning as I go along what he can and can't have. Some products cooked with dairy don't affect him, others do. 

Is your son an only child? 
Yes, after six years of infertility we finally conceived our son through IVF. We are blessed and feel complete with him. There are times I wonder what it would be like to have another child, but then I think about all the other what ifs... I had a complicated pregnancy and delivery. Anthony was born five weeks early and spent time in the NICU. I can't go through that again or take my time away from Anthony