Tuesday, August 7, 2012

All out of flour

So after seeing the Healthy Pizza Pocket tutorial on The Busy Mom's Diet Blog I had to try it.

Healthy Pizza Pocket

Now, if you haven't realized already, I make up my own rules when cooking and try things on the fly. I don't really follow recipes exactly and like to experiment. I find that when I do that my dinners turn out much better.

For starters, hubby was late and kind of messed me up, I wanted us to do this as a family. So I was doing this in a rush while watching Dinosaur climb on the couch and swiffer pole.

I didn't use whole wheat dough, I have bad reactions to whole so we used the dreaded white dough, LOL. I didn't have any flour, I thought we did, but we didn't. Without flour, a rolling pin was useless. But that is okay, we can improvise and figure it out. That's the fun part. I want my son, even though he wasn't helping this time, to know that cooking is fun. We are not supposed to be perfect and orderly, messy is good. Cooking should be fun, NOT a chore.

I used my sauce and homemade meatballs (with zucchini chunks). I have to sneak veggies in anyway I can. I also used soy cheddar cheese and totally forgot about the eggs. I will post about my meatballs on one of the Tuesday posts in the future.

I will now be moving Healthy Pizza Pockets  from my "Recipes to try" list on Pinterest to "Recipes I Tried and Loved"

Super messy, using just olive oil and sauce. I think I over did it on the sauce, oooops.
On the pan they looked horrific, I was worried they were going to be too thick and doughy. Next time I am going to bake them on the iron cast skillet.

On the plate they looked really good. The soy cheese was spilling out and the dough was red from sauce.

That first bite was magical, but the real test was Dinosaur. He totally approved and would not put the pizza pocket down in between bites.

He ate an ENTIRE pizza pocket. He is one messy, but sated dinosaur.

 Do you like to follow recipes exactly as they are written? 
Or do you prefer to experiment as you go?

I also wanted to share my stove with you. It's an electric stove and I spent ten years cooking on a gas one. I have to say electric heats up faster and cooks quicker, so it took some getting used to.

As I have stated in previous posts, we live in a small apartment and ALL of the appliances are outdated, but still work. That is what happens when you rent. How old is my stove? Well, I'm not sure, but here are some pics to show you how old it is.

If you can't see from that pic, how about this one? The timer and clock doesn't work, I use my phone to time how long foods are baking/boiling. Yes, there is a pocket knife on the stove, that is our letter opener. We open our mail right away and throw useless information in the garbage. It's not a perfect plan and we sometimes forget, but it works for the most part.

Do you have updated appliances? 
Or do you love your outdated appliances and all their quirks?



Daily: run washing machine if full, put away clothes, clean up kitchen
Tuesday: clean the bathroom 
7th: wash bathmats
What's your cleaning agenda today? 

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  1. Love it! I'm right there with you on the messy, fun in cooking. I'm glad Dino was into it with your variations. Thanks for the link back. :)

  2. Those pizza pockets look delicious. What did you use instead of flour if you were out of flour? Your old stove is pretty funny too. We rent also so I've experienced the "joys" of many old appliances. Luckily in our new house, there are brand new appliances!

    1. I used oil and sauce, it was super messy, but turned out good. Congrats on your new house!

  3. those look yummy. do you follow @aslobcomesclean? she got an entire kitchen of appliances via her blog. new fridge and everything. something you can aspire to. :)

    1. oh really, I will have to follow her now. Maybe if that did happen I could get money back from the landlord, LOL