Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chai Tea and Ice Cream

 Mommy's Chai Tea

To me the perfect tea drink is my homemade chai tea. I know what is going into it and it's cheaper than getting it in a store. Please ignore the duct tape in the background. We never know when we will need it, LOL. 

Start with sugar in the mug then add one Lipton tea bag, no other tea is quite like it.  I know they have iced tea bags, but I prefer the taste of hot tea cooled off.

Then add the boiling water, obviously.

In a tumblr add lots of ice


Trader Joe's chocolate almond milk OR you can use their vanilla almond milk as well.

After tea has brewed in mug, pour tea into tumblr. I pour it in the sink,
to make spills an easy clean up. 

Then enjoy every delicious sip...oh so yummy and refreshing on a summer day. You can have it on the go or enjoy it at home.  

How do you enjoy your tea? Any special ingredients?

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 Dinosaur's favorite ice cream

We love this ice cream, not only is it dairy free, but Dinosaur feels like he is eating ice cream he sees other people eat. They are  too big though, that is my only complaint.

 ALMOND DREAM® Vanilla Dessert Bar

Now I wish I was able to find this in stores, but I don't see it anywhere I live. Such a shame, a few of these would be the perfect portion for Dinosaur. 

ALMOND DREAM Dessert Bites

Dinosaur happily eating his ice cream bar. Don't mind the wires to the right, lol
What is your favorite dessert?