Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pork Nuggets and Carrots

Son loves food that he can hold and has a kick to it. I also wnat him to eat healthy.

As with all my recipes, I don't follow directions too well AND don't give good directions, I remember it all in my head and make it up as I go along. I see a pic and try to figure it out. I SUCK AT BAKING THOUGH, LOL

One pork cutlet
olive oil
french fried french onions
bread crumbs
minced garlic, curry, all spice
fresh baby carrots

Cast Iron Skillet

cut raw pork cutlet into strips

Marinate in eggs and seasonings

Coat in breadcrumbs and crushed french onions

Cook pork strips in skillet on stove top, only a few minutes on each side. they are thin and will cook fast, you don't want to dry thenmout.

Remove when cooked and place on paper towel to blot away excess oil.

Place fresh carrots in skillet and sprinkle with seasonings and extra oil.

Cover skillet and put in oven at 300 for twenty minutes.

Carrots will be cooked but still have some crunch to them. You donn't want them soggy.

*We have an electric stove, which cooks quite fast. Before we moved, our gas stove took a long time to cook. 

**This was a fast and easy meal to cook. This was just for son and I, hubby REFUSES to eat pork cutlets, but I do love them.