Monday, July 16, 2012

Coupon Crazy - Nasty Cashier

I am coupon crazy and try to save money any way I can, especially now being laid off.

I always buy the meat that is on special with a coupon attached to it. Today I went to my local supermarket I won't say their name since I have had other problems with their products and don't want to give them any press at all. I bought a pack of thin pork cutlets for 3.76 with a $1 coupon and a pack of skillet steak for 4.78 with a $2 coupon.

 The cashier scanned the $1 twice! 

I very politely said, "You scanned the $1 twice by accident."

She shook her head. "No, they were both $1."

I took a breath and try to remain calm. "No, One was $2. That is the reason I got the meat."

She got snippy with me. "Well, I'll check, but I know they are both $1."

Meanwhile the line of people behind me are huffing and sighing. I laugh and try to calm my building anger down. 

She puts all the coupons I gave her down on the belt (which are a lot) and huffs and begins looking through them. Low and behold there are the two meat coupons one for a $1 and one for $2. 

Very proudly I say, "See I told you and you thought I was lying." 

She blushes and scans the $2 coupons and leaves on the $1 she scanned twice. A sorry would have been nice, but I guess her embarrassment was enough for me. I turn to look at the woman behind me and stare her down then say. "I think it was worth waiting for two dollars. If it was you would have waited too."    
You must always stand up for yourself, speak up for yourself. I try to model for my son how to be an assertive person who doesn't let others hurt her. I show him how to speak his mind while being respectful. We always show respect, especially towards ourselves.

ANYWAY...with this meat I can make two meals with packet for my son and I when hubby works at night. Or this is a perfect portion for all of us for dinner. We don't need left overs. Besides we have dessert after dinner and before bed. that's what the $1 cookies or my banana muffins are for.

Have any of you ever had coupon drama? 


  1. The only time I ever get annoyed with the person in front of me in line is when they leave the line to get more stuff…while being rung up. So I HAVE to wait (can't just move their stuff aside to take me)…don't get on line until you are totally done!

    And I agree, you did the right thing, you got the meat for the coupon after all, those people can wait a little.

  2. Oh yeah! That annoys me too when people run back to the aisles.

    I am very proud of my meat, lol, and know I will enjoy eating it.

  3. No offense if anyone is a cashier but some of those people are so miserable. I have only used the occasional coupon but I'm interested in started to use a lot more. I love the name of your blog and I hope you and the fam have a great week.

    1. Thanks, I am always nice to everyone so I couldn't believe how nasty she was. At least I got my meat for a good price.

  4. ust keep smiling. I once used tons of coupons to balance our tiny budget. I'll never forget the time it was the end of the month and I only had $2.00. I bought an onion, a can of tomato sauce, and a bag of pasta. I had a store coupon that I had torn out of the flyer. The clerk who was rather nasty said, "Can't you cut this out with scissors." I gave him a spacey, dead look and said, "They don't let me have sharp things at home." Boy did he move back from me. I guess I was lucky no one reported me since I had my three young daughters with me. Visiting from SITS. I checked our your website and saw the Ragu, definitely could not afford it back then. Enjoy your Saturday.

    1. The nerve of him! Good for you, glad you scared him. Hopefully he'll think twice before being rude to customers again.

      I only buy ragu when its on sale and I stock up like mad.